Restricted and Prohibited Goods


The importation and exportation of certain goods and substances is restricted. However importations and exportation of such goods is possible only under certain conditions such as production of a relevant permit or licence. For some products, the importation or exportation is absolutely prohibited.

ZIMRA has been charged with the control of these import and export restrictions and prohibitions.

Why restrict or prohibit importation or exportation of certain goods or substances?

Controls are done in the interest of the public and are meant to protect the consumer against:

  • Dangerous and harmful drugs
  • Hazardous substances
  • Expired drugs
  • Pornographic, objectionable or undesirable materials
  • Harmful substances which include skin lightening creams, soaps and lotions

Some of the controls are meant to protect the environment against:

  • Destruction of fauna and flora
  • Extinction of endangered species

Others are meant to protect:

  • Revenue
  • Conserve foreign currency
  • Maintain export standards
  • Intellectual property against infringement of rights such as:
    • Trademarks
    • Copyrights
    • Designs
    • Patents

Restricted Goods

Usually restricted goods in this context are those which are subject to import or export control – that is, goods which may not be imported or exported except under licence or permit. Examples include the following:

  • Wildlife and wildlife products
  • Agricultural produce
  • Plants and plant products, soil medium, invertebrates
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Relics and national monuments
  • Local currency
  • Foreign currency
  • Stills and all apparatus or parts of apparatus capable of being used for the production or refining of alcohol.

Importation or Exportation of Restricted Goods

The importation or exportation can only be done under a relevant permit or licence.

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